Our ambition for the next decade:

We target 3 markets for our planned growth:

Skills acquired in truck integration and industrialisation, provide a solid basis for our future developments.
This master plan, approved by the advisory board, is executed by the managers.



C.E.O. at Exoès


Arnaud DESRENTES is responsible for Exoès master plan. He is convinced that all combustion engines will be equipped with a waste heat recovery solution in the next decade. His objective is for Exoès to be recognized as an essential partner in this new market. Arnaud has signed 7 contracts with major vehicle Tier Ones and manufacturers in the USA, Germany, Belgium, France and Sweden. He has also developed partnerships with 3 European universities specialized in Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC).

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At the same time, he gathered €12 million to pursue the development of EVE®. He also had intensive training in international business and finance (EMLyon and HEC). Exoès advisory board supports his strategies on a daily basis. Patrick BUFFET ensures that innovative products access the market. Pierre LECOCQ and Christian BOGEAT help him to better understand the industrial automotive sector.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Arnaud has been passionate, since his childhood, about engines. He graduated from the University ENSAM and the IFP School and became an engine designer. At PSA PEUGEOT-CITROEN, he was responsible for fuel consumption and emission reduction. He was focused on one objective: to improve the engine efficiency. This experience convinced him of the high potential of lost energies in powertrain.

Wishing he could develop a product from scratch, he left PSA to join the start up EXOSUN. He was in charge of the technical development of a waste to energy expander and started setting up EVE® (Energy Via Exhaust). He also met Rémi DACCORD and Thiébaut KIENTZ. These two events were decisive: convinced that waste heat recovery is a cutting edge technology, they created Exoès in 2009.


C.T.O. at Exoès


Rémi DACCORD is a brilliant physicist and entrepreneur, with a real passion for ecology. As the C.T.O., he leads the development of Exoès products and particularly EVE® – Energy Via Exhaust. He is the technical contact for Exoès’ clients and industrial partners. He is specialized in Thermodynamics and Heat Transfers, and developed all the simulation tools for Exoès. He was involved in seven collaborative national and European projects. He has applied for more than 10 patents since the creation of Exoès.

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Rémi is often selected to present Exoès innovations in best in class congresses such as the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineering) congress in Detroit:

  • SIA, Paris (France), 2013
  • ASME-ORC, Rotterdam (Netherlands), 2013
  • ATZ, Ludwigsburg (Germany), 2013
  • SAE, Detroit (USA), 2014
  • AORCC, Detroit (USA), 2015
  • EORCC, Belfast (Northern Ireland), 2016
  • FISITA, Busan (South Korea), 2016
  • IAV, Berlin (Germany), 2016.

During his engineering studies at “Centrale Paris” in applied physics and entrepreneurship, he co-founded AMOES. The objective of this company is to reduce energy consumption in buildings. Within this framework, he signed a partnership with EXOSUN for the co-development of a heat recovery expander. He then met Arnaud DESRENTES and Thiébaut KIENTZ with whom he created Exoès in 2009.

Advisory board

In addition to Arnaud and Rémi, the advisory board is composed of 4 external members:


His excellent knowledge of the automotive sector means that he is a key player of the strategic committee he leads.

Pierre LECOCQ has worked his entire career in automotive industry (Renault, Valéo, Corning Glass…). Between 2012 and 2015, he led Inergy Automotive Systems: 7 000 employees working in 20 countries, more than €3 billion revenue. He graduated from ENSAM Paris (France) and got a MBA from Harvard University (USA).

Thiébaut KIENTZ

As the third co-founder, today he is one of the intellectual property consultants of Exoès.

He led the Research department for six years, and created its lab. Expert in materials and Rankine engines, he contributed to more than 10 patent applications. He was responsible for intellectual property at Exoès and defined its strategy. He managed it until 2016, when he created his consulting firm, Capax Infiniti. He graduated from SUPMECA Paris (France).

Patrick BUFFET

Exoès’ managers benefit from Patrick Buffet’s expertise in supporting fast growing companies.

C.E.O. and Chairman of US or UK public limited companies, Patrick BUFFET worked in various business sectors (Procter & Gamble, HP, Digital Equipement, Baan, Aurum, Microsoft, Informatica, Invensys) and markets (mature as well as emerging). He is an executive coach at Visconti Coaching. He graduated from the École Supérieure d’Électronique in Angers (France) and obtained a MBA from the University of Kansas (USA).

Christian BOGEAT

His industrial expertise and knowledge in product development are real advantages for Exoès’ executives.

Former executive in automotive and railway Tier Ones (Valeo, Oxford Automotive Europe, Wagon Automotive and Compin Seats), Christian BOGEAT was the G.M. of TI Automotive France between 2011 and 2014. Since 2014, he has been an associate at Aptinia which he founded and where he carries out interim management and consulting assignments (general management, industrial efficiency, innovation management, market-product strategy).He graduated from Télécom SudParis (France).


Tests Department

A complete know-how of the entire process: from the customer book of specifications, to 3D design, assembly, simulations, tests and analysis.

Our engineers and technicians worked in companies such as Bosh, Renault, and Total. They are specialized in Organic Rankine Cycle, internal combustion engines, emission and fuel consumption reduction. They have created more than 10 test benches in 8 years for Exoès, for industrial and academic customers. They graduated from the best schools: IFP School, ISAT, BTS Saumur-Université du Maine…

Engineering Department

One main objective: optimizing the cost/efficiency ratio of Exoès products from their development to their market launch.

Our engineers come from companies such as Faurecia, Eberspächer, Danfoss, and Tecumseh. They are specialized in mechanical design, thermodynamics, and heat transfers in pumps, and compressors. With a solid experience in managing intellectual property, they have contributed to a large number of patent applications. Like their Tests Department colleagues, they graduated from the best schools: Centrale Lyon, ENSAM, INSA, UTC…


  • 2009 Exoès founded

    Four months after the creation, the first fundraising campaign and financial support from Oséo and the Aquitaine region brought the total funding to
    €1 million
  • 2011 Fundraising

    Third fundraising campaign bringing the total amount of funding to
    €4 million, 2 years after the creation of Exoès
  • 2012 Developments

    - 3rd test bench version
    - 4th expander version
  • 2013 Partnership with TENNECO

    Signature of a partnership contract with the American company TENNECO,
    2nd exhaust systems Tier One worldwide
  • 2014 The consolidation

    - Creation of a world class Advisory Board and €2 million collected from fundraising
    - Exoès signed a partnership contract with the CMT in Valencia to test EVE®
  • 2015 Tests for EVE®

    EVE® was tested by MAN and 3 major Tier Ones and got excellent results
  • 2016 The expansion

    - Exoès set out to conquer the Chinese market
    - The European SME-Instrument program granted a €2.15 million subsidy bringing the total amount of funding to over €12 million since the creation of Exoès
    - Signature of a cooperation agreement with Faurecia and Renault Trucks (Volvo group) to realize real-life tests
  • 2017 Validation of the EVE® technology in real driving conditions

    Integration into a HGV, in close cooperation with our patners Faurecia
    and Renault Trucks (Volvo group)

Awards and prizes

French Ministry of Higher Education and Research

The award winner of the national prize for the category “New innovative company”

Silicon Valley (USA)

Arnaud DESRENTES coached by the TESLA industrial manager and VP

“French Young Entrepreneur of the year”

Prize awarded to Arnaud DESRENTES by the Newspaper “La Tribune” (industrial category)

Bpifrance Excellence

Awarded to Exoès by Bpifrance

SME Instrument

The European Union has subsidised Exoès for the SME Instrument program

The project leading to this application has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program (SME Instrument) under grant agreement No 733460.

Institutional partners