Exoès and Saft, partners to improve battery thermal management

EORCC 2017
4 December 2017
EXOES and SANDEN to develop Expanders for waste heat recovery in trucks
20 September 2018

Exoès and Saft Incubator announce the signature of a cooperation agreement to do common tests to improve next generation battery thermal management.

Thermal management is a strategic focus to improve the battery system efficiency. This is Exoès and Saft strong belief.

“We are extremely proud to work with Saft. This worldwide top company in battery manufacturing has found in Exoès a really skilled partner in thermal management and testing..

This partnership means that Exoès has a strong position and relevant skills. We recently launched a new engineering offer that is really attractive for our customers and successful for the company. Several other partnerships will be unveiled in the up coming months.

For the next 3 years, Exoès main objective is to pursue the development of its ‘zero emission’ technology offer”.