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Our areas of excellence

In addition to its best-in-class expander EVE®, Exoès offers the following engineering services:


They trust us:

OEMs: MAN, PSA, Renault Trucks (Volvo group)

Tier Ones: Bosal, Dana, Faurecia, Tenneco, Valéo

They use our test results and simulations to estimate the fuel savings.
Exoès also provides several industrial companies with state-of-the-art ORC test benches.


Dynamic test benches

Exoès manufactured more than 10 waste heat recovery benches to test ORC complete systems or components, with different working fluids like ethanol, water, or r245fa.

Our test benches are recognized for their reliability, safety, and excellent price/service ratio. They are tailor-made and designed in accordance with your unique specifications.
Their added value:

Perfectly reproduce
exhaust gases
physical parameters
Optimize the complete system in transient mode to achieve the best fuel saving

All our benches are made on our premises. We assemble and test them before delivery, then set them up at your facilities.

An internally coded Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) ensures bench security, which is a solid skill at Exoès. All our benches respect the European directives: ATEX, PED, EMC, Low Voltage, Machinery, Safety-related parts of control systems.

Test benches operating range

Our test benches include:

Our expander, an evaporator, a condenser, a pump, a control system.

The expander can be connected to an electric brake or coupled with a combustion engine. Our benches are delivered with several valves and sensors. Two electric cabinets manage the actuators’ acquisition and control.

Exemple of bench data:

ParametersTypical value range
Hot source power100 – 200 kW
Electric power10 – 20 kW
FluidWater, Ethanol, Refrigerants, others…
Fluid temperatureWater: <350°C
Organic: <250°C
Fluid pressure<45bar


Exoès owns state-of-the-art test rigs for your needs.

With our benches, you manage to do tests such as:

Performance: measuring the energy produced by an ORC system under real-life conditions with high transients
Components’ characterization: expander, evaporator, pumps, condenser, valves, sensors, and control algorythms

Whole system endurance or component endurance, 24/7 continuous operation
Corrosion tests in autoclave:
materials, fluids
and, lubricants


Exoès engineers are experts in dynamic simulations on complete systems.

We developed sophisticated proprietary simulation tools

Our internal codes are recalibrated on our test data. They have real added value for:

• Obtaining a reliable fuel saving calculation

• Reducing development time and decreasing technical risks

We create real-life driving conditions for:

• Fine-tuning settings component by component

• Optimizing control laws of the complete system in its real environment

Exoès develops its simulation tools with Matlab®.