Waste heat recovery

Waste Heat Recovery

Welcome to Exoès, a company with 10 years experience in Organic Rankine Cycle.

By delegating your project to our highly seasoned team, you have the certainty to be provided with the most relevant solutions to your requirements.

Ten years of experience has made Exoès a customer and risk management oriented company. As responsiveness is in our DNA, we shorten development time at its minimum, for the benefit of your organization.

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Vehicle integration

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Real life tests



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Exoès has manufactured more than 10 test rigs. We have managed to set them up at your facilities or to provide your organization with tests.

Vehicle integration

During the 22 months demotruck project with Faurecia and Renault Trucks (Volvo group), our engineers developed thorough skills on the system integration in a vehicle.


  • CAD
  • FEA and vibrations
  • Prototyping
  • Assembly
  • Test analysis

Dynamic test rigs for powertrain auxiliaries

Flammable fluids accepted

Possibility to run dynamic drive cycles

Exemple de caractéristiques de bancs :

Gaz burner 200 kW 200g/s 600°C
Electric brake 50 kW 5.500 RPM
Transient5.000 RPM/s 350°C/s 200g/s2
Endurance test rigs for components
 Automatique 24/7
HeaterHeating oil 200 kW 300°C
Electric brake 25 kW 6.000 RPM

Thanks to its experience in manufacturing waste heat recovery benches, Exoès tests ORC complete systems or components, with different working fluids like ethanol, water, or r245fa.

Our test benches are recognized for their reliability, safety, and excellent price/service ratio. They are tailor-made and designed in accordance with your unique specifications.
Their added value:

Perfectly reproduce exhaust gases physical parameters
Optimize the complete system in transient mode to achieve the best fuel saving


Only one third of the fuel introduced into a combustion engine is used to move the vehicle. The rest is lost in the form of heat via the cooling jacket and exhaust pipes.t.

Disruptive technology is the only way to remedy this energy consuming deadlock.Exoès developed products such as piston and scroll expanders or HP pumps. We are convinced that heat recovery is the ultimate way to improve HGV combustion engine efficiency.

EVE®, a patented piston expander

  • Its durability has been proven (more than 3000h)
  • Protected by more than 10 patents
  • Its effective isentropic efficiency is of over 60%
  • Its weight is under 15kg
  • Its size is optimized: D200 x L200 mm

Scroll expander et HP pump

Scroll Expander

HP pump

To learn more about their development, contact us.

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How works an Organic Rankine Cycle:

The heat exchanger (boiler) evaporates ethanol into high pressure gas. The transfer of heat from the exhaust gases is controlled by an actuated by-pass valve.

Exoès patented expander is mechanically coupled to the powertrain and reinjects energy to save fuel. As the low pressure gas comes out of the expander, it is condensed into liquid through a compact heat exchanger (condenser). The close loop of the working fluid is fed by an electro-pump, which drives the ethanol back to the boiler.



Exoès is a key player in the transportation sector and presents its progress at international congresses on a regular basis.

2017 - EORCC

Detroit (USA)

Impact of water and oil contents in ethanol applied to ORC for exhaust heat recovery in heavy duty trucks

PDF file


Detroit (USA)

Rankine Cycle, from Thermodynamic Equation to Road Test. By Thibault Fouquet

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Detroit (USA)

Experimental Investigation of Waste Heat Recovery Using an Organic Rankine Cycle for Heavy Duty Trucks. By Maximilian Hombsch

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2017 - ORC

Milano (Italy)

Cost to benefit ratio of an exhaust heat recovery system on a long haul truck

PDF file

2016 - ETA

Berlin (Germany)

Rankine cycles, industrialisation challenges

Paper on Springer.com

2016 - FISITA

Busan (South Korea)

Presentation of a waste heat recovery solution for HGV

Paper on Fisita.com

2016 - EORCC

Belfast (Northern Ireland)

Presentation of truck integration issues with EVE®, piston expander and exhaust waste heat recovery solution

Presentation on request via the contact form

2016 - Paper published in Applied Energy


BOUVIER J.L., KIENTZ T. et al., « Experimental study of an oil-free steam piston expander for micro-combined heat and power systems », Applied Energy, 169, 2016, pages 788 – 798

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2015 - AORCC

Detroit (USA)

Presentation of a waste heat recovery solution for HGV

PDF file

2014 - SAE

Detroit (USA)

Presentation of a waste heat recovery solution for cars

PDF file
Paper on Sae.org

2013 - ATZ

Ludwigsburg (Germany)

Presentation of a waste heat recovery solution for HGV

Paper:PDF file
Presentation: PDF file

2013 - ASME-ORC

Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Presentation of a waste heat recovery solution for cars

Resume: PDF file
Presentation: PDF file

2013 - SIA

Paris (France)

Presentation of a waste heat recovery solution for cars

PDF file
Paper on Sia .fr