Exoès has developed comprehensive
services to support you.

Your need ?
To find a partner capable of understanding your problems, translating them into technical programs, and creating representative prototypes of future products, the associated test benches and test plans.

Our role :
To help you validate tomorrow’s technology faster than your competitors and help you surpass your technical and business objectives.

Get your test results within 3 months!

Exoès accompanies you right from the idea up to vehicle integration

For our clients, we control the deadlines, cost and quality of our engineering services: simulation, design, prototyping, test bench manufacturing, test execution and analysis, vehicle integration as well as FMEA and series cost analysis.

Our data enables you to make robust and timely strategic choices

One of the major difficulties during the R&D phases is to design prototypes that are representative of a future product that will be marketed in 4 to 5 years. In addition, it must be subject to test conditions representative of the automotive sector, even though the standards do not yet take these future innovations into account.

Exoès has made your difficulties its strength to support its clients in the thermal management business. We develop your databases to speed up your developments.

Write your thermal technology validation programs together

Exoès has no equal in its ability to define technical programs for validating innovation in thermal management systems. We challenge our customers to help them reduce their development time and establish complete technical programs leading to decision milestones.

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Design and prototyping of representative thermal solutions

Design requires both experience and creativity. Exoès offers you the best combination of the two! Thanks to its network of more than 300 suppliers, Exoès delivers the highest quality prototypes in record time. Our prototypes are representative of automotive constraints and series architectures. In this way, we generate useful and unique data for fluid manufacturers to accelerate their R&D.

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Test execution, design and manufacture of test benches to automotive standards

Exoès manufactures test benches from scratch on its own behalf or for its customers. You can buy test benches and operate them in your own R&D centers. You can also have them operated by Exoès, which has all the necessary facilities. We co-develop these test facilities with our customers’ validation at each stage. Exoès performs numerous performance, safety and ageing tests and a wide variety of component and system tests on a daily basis.

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Correlated simulations thanks to our data

Energy and thermal simulation of components or systems form an important part of many projects at Exoès. The tools used are the following:

  • GT Suite
  • Solidworks Flow
  • Soliworks 3D
  • Matlab simulink

Exoès’ key strength is correlating its models thanks to its testing facilities. Our customers use our simulations to reduce their risk and their development time because they are correlated and confirmed by real and highly accurate tests.

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