A comprehensive development and
characterization program

Your need ?

To have an automotive engineering partner who integrates a prototype into a demonstration vehicle and who understands both the component and its impact on the thermal system and the vehicle.

As there is no better test than the vehicle itself, Exoès offers its clients the opportunity to integrate into demonstration vehicles, the components and innovative systems of thermal management that have been developed together in order to test them on the road or on a vehicle/system test bench.

The strength of Exoès :

Is to provide a complete development and characterization program from a blank sheet of paper, through the production of prototypes tested on our own test facilities, and then to integrate them into a vehicle.

The differences in constraints compared to bench testing are vibrations, shocks, splashes, crashes or varying humidity and ambient temperatures.

Exoès accompanies you up to the integration of battery packs and electric propulsion chains in vehicles via its partners, E-MERSIV and St@rtec Developpement.

E-MERSIV and immersion cooled batteries

Showcars are also a target for Exoès and our joint venture E-MERSIV. Indeed, the immersion-cooled “Ultra Performance” batteries correspond perfectly to this type of optimised vehicle.

The skills made available as part of the vehicle integration:

– Complete management of the technical program

– System overview, functional analysis

– Energy simulation of components and systems

– Design: CAD, FEA (vibration & shock, modal analysis), CFD

– System FMEA

– Prototyping and instrumentation

– Mechanical and hydraulic assembly, wiring of components

– Vehicle integration

– Complete system checks, start-up

– Monitoring of tests, analysis of results

Our customers usually start with technical programs on the scale of prototypes tested on a test bench, but bear in mind that the final milestone of the R&D program is vehicle integration.