Thermal simulations correlated with real tests

Your need ?
To have accurate simulations and reliable data, correlated with real data. If all the software give results, you are looking for accurate modelling with an excellent level of description of the physical phenomena.

Our solution:
To provide you with real data generated on test benches to characterize physical phenomena and correlate simulations.

Get reliable simulations powered by our test data

Proprietary 0D, 1D and 3D simulations with all types of fluids:

– 3D calculations in Gamma Technology Suite for cooling performance and thermal runaway propagation for cold plate and immersion cooled batteries

– 3D calculations in Gamma Technology suite for battery cell heating by modelling the internal geometry of cells

– Finite element calculations in Solidworks for mechanical strength, eigen mode, vibration and shock resistance

– Calculations in Solidworks for fluid flows coupled with heat exchange

– 1D calculations in Gamma Technology suite for pipe pressure losses

– 1D calculations in Gamma Technology suite for vehicles on test cycles

– Development of dedicated calculation code in Matlab and Simulink: Steam compressors, steam turbines, steam piston engines, …

Simulation as a design and validation tool

Simulation is used at Exoès as a design and validation tool. It allows digital experimental designs to be created where testing would take too long and be too numerous and costly to obtain an equivalent quality result. This is possible if and only if the simulations are correlated, which is the case at Exoes.

An example of battery simulation: modelling prismatic, cylindrical or pouch cells for different electrochemicals: NMC, LTO, etc.

A thermal model coupled with an electrical model

A complete electrical temperature test
, carried out in our laboratory, allows first of all to characterize an electrical model of a temperature-variable RC cell. Afterwards, a complete dismantling of a cell is carried out in our premises. The geometry of the cell is reconstructed in 3D in SolidWorks and exported to GEM3D, the meshing tool associated with Gamma Technology Suite.

After simplification, a thermal model coupled with an electrical model is created. This cell model can either be used directly to determine the performance of cooling architectures (thermal inertia, air, cold plate, immersion, etc.) or be assembled into a module to study the propagation of a thermal runaway and the impact of different design options.

Optimisation of fluid flows

We adjust the velocities and pressure drops within the batteries and cooling loops. This allows us to distribute the fluid evenly and thus ensure temperature homogeneity and uniform ageing for the cells.

Complete cooling system

Simulation of air conditioning/heat pump system coupled with battery cooling:

– 0D/1D reversible refrigeration cycle model (heat pump) under GT Power
– dynamic 0D/1D model of battery cooling loop (liquid pumping / evaporative / spray cooling) and passenger compartment.

Simulation of air conditioning/heat pump system coupled with cooling of electrical motors or power electronics (inverter, charger, etc.)

Rankine cycle – ORC and mechanics:

Performance simulation tool for volumetric expanders (piston, scroll), developed in Matlab Simulink, these tools include several coupled modules (thermodynamics, mechanics, heat exchange, leaks)

Stationary Rankine cycle simulation tool, with various types of exchangers (plate, micro finned)

Dynamic simulation of Rankine loop in GT Power