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Exoes is happy to release its monthly newsletter about immersion cooling in the automotive industry and more. Partnerships, collaborations, research, discoveries, studies, data… From now on, you won’t miss anything of what happened last month:

Nb Date Category Company / Organization Media News
1 11/01/2023 EV, Charging bp, Tesla ABC Bourse investit 100 M$ dans les chargeurs Tesla ultra-rapides
2 11/01/2023 Thermal management, immersion cooling, EV, battery Emergen Research globenewswire Global Electric Vehicle Fluids and Lubricants Market Size to Reach USD 9,144.20 Million in 2032
3 11/17/2023 Thermal management, immersion cooling, EV, battery technology Castrol, Virtual Vehicle Research UKI Supplier insight: EV immersion cooling techniques
4 11/07/2023 Thermal management, battery, EV Polyplastics Group Batteries News Polyplastics Sees Strong Potential for POM and PP in Thermal Management Systems for Battery EVs
5 11/15/2023 Battery, EV IDTechEx PR Newswire IDTechEx Takes a Look at Battery Technology Across Diverse Vehicle Segments
6 11/18/2023 Battery, Immersion cooling, EV Tesla TorqueNews Check Out The New Tesla V4 Superchargers: Immersion Cooled and 115 Miles Charged In 5 Minutes
7 11/22/2023 Economy Awards, Thermal management, Battery, EV Exoes Sud Ouest Prix de l’économie Néo Aquitains 2023 en Gironde : Exoès, des batteries qui durent dans les voitures

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