Exoes and e-Mersiv Highlighted in the newspaper Sud-Ouest

Arnaud Desrentes was interviewed by Olivier Delhoumeau to talk about e-Mersiv and the future of electric cars. Ultra-fast charge Battery cooled by a dielectric liquid, restrictive regulation and a collective awareness.Arnaud Desrentes is talking about the future of electric cars and what Exoès, e-Mersiv and Startec developpement want to supply in the near future. The […]

Creation of e-Mersiv: very high performance batteries cooled with immersion technology

In June, Exoès celebrate its 10th anniversary, and Arnaud Desrentes highlighted the huge progress made by the Exoès teams, customers and partners. During the ceremony, the future of Exoès was presented. The key moment of the presentation was the introduction to the creation of a new company named e-Mersiv that will manufacture and sell very high-performance […]

EXOES, expert in thermal management

EXOES wishes you a great year Thank you for the trust you have placed in us throughout the year. 2018 has been a rich year with the signing of major partnerships in thermal management and a winning positioning in the development of technologies that enable: electric vehicle ultra-fast charging the reduction of thermal engine CO2 emissions […]

Exoes presents its battery cooling technology

At the Automotive Techdays in Lyon, organised by CARA, Exoès presented its latest developments in the field of battery thermal management. Thanks to its key skills in thermal management, Exoès developed a cutting-edge technology to cool batteries. Unique selling points: Ultra fast charging Improved lifetime Improved safety Size and costs reduced More information with the video

“Exoès souffle le chaud et le froid”, an excellent press article by “Ingénieurs de l’Auto”

The magazine “Ingénieurs de l’Auto” from SIA published a very detailled article about Exoès. Waste heat recovery, thermal management for batteries, reflexions about fuel cells: the article summarizes our activity, our skills and the latest cooperation agreements we have signed.” To read the article in French, click here SIA French acronym for Automotive Engineer Society. Magazine […]

EXOES and SANDEN to develop Expanders for waste heat recovery in trucks

SANDEN and EXOES announce their cooperation in the development of a scroll expander for Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) in automotive applications using Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC). Click here to read the full press release Both companies decided to join their forces in order to make the expander technology compliant with OEM constraints and available in […]

EORCC 2017

From November 15th to 17th the Engine ORC Consortium – EORCC – was held in Detroit (USA). Gathering international industrial players, it was the opportunity for Exoès to present the latest developments on Rankine cycles. Rémi Daccord’s presentation was focused on waste heat recovery for trucks. More specifically, it assesses the impacts of the oil circulating rate by […]

Electric vehicle – battery or hydrogen : is it the future?

Arnaud DESRENTES was invited by Nicolas César on the French program SudOuest ECO (on TV7). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3N9sQalcNyw&t=1s Electric vehicles, batteries, hydrogen, mobility, autonomous vehicles… All these items were discussed with Pierre Hurmic, leader of Bordeaux ecologist representatives. The video is in French.

An unprecedented convergence of automotive and energy sectors

Last week, Arnaud Desrentes and Rémi Daccord were in Stuttgart at the 30th Conference EVS (Electric Vehicle Symposium). It confirmed their intuition: transportation and energy sectors are indisputably converging. This is the reason why Exoès created Exoès Engineering, an actor in the component electrification, high power density battery and fuel cell markets. 2 sectors, 2 mega […]

EXOES at the FISITA Congress, in South Korea


Exoès pursues its objective to launch the Asian market. In September 2016, Rémi Daccord, Technical director, presented EVE® (Energy Via Exhaust), an exhaust waste heat recovery technology at the FISITA Congress, in Busan (South Korea).EVE® is a piston expander. It recovers the exhaust waste heat and turns it to useful energy with a Rankine cycle. It […]

EXOES attends the ETA conference in Berlin


Last December1st & 2nd, Exoès attended the ETA conference in Berlin OEMs are increasingly promoting Rankine technology as the most promising solution for reducing vehicle consumption.In this context, Rémi Daccord, our technical director, presented a paper on Exoès’ progress: “Rankine cycles, industrialization challenges”. .During this presentation, he explained that the latest version of the prototype […]

Latest version of EVE® : start of the tests

At the beginning of this year, Exoès’ engineers integrated EVE®, the latest generation prototype, into a new dynamic test bench.   Since the beginning of 2016, the engineering department has been developing the new design of the piston expander, EVE®. Simultaneously, the test department manufactured a brand new dynamic test bench. Arnaud Desrentes: “This testing […]