Battery Immersion Cooling Exoes

On the june 3rd of 2021, Exoes organized a webinar about a very hot topic in the field of battery thermal management:

Battery Immersion Cooling

Battery ultra-fast charging, safety, lifetime: the OEMs that adopt immersion cooling are going take the lead in EV’s thanks to this technology. This was precisely the point of this webinar.

Cécile Pera, combustion and engine modelling researcher, and Arnaud Desrentes, CEO of Exoes, talked about many aspects of battery thermal management and Immersion Cooling:

Apparently, we are not alone to consider Battery Immersion Cooling as a very serious system in Battery Thermal Management:

You were +450 attendees
From 32 countries
+80 questions were asked during the Q&A

As a lot of you asked, we decided to rebroadcast the entire replay on Youtube:

Enjoy and take notes!

If you still have questions about this technology, feel free to let us know and contact us here!