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DateCategoryCompany / OrganizationMediaNews
09/08/2023Immersion Cooling, LIGHT Battery, E-mobilityLION E-Mobility AGMENAFNLION E-Mobility AG: LION Group At The IAA MOBILITY 2023
09/04/2023Immersion Cooling, Thermal Management, Battery, EVXing MobilityDCVelocityXING Mobility Releases Innovative IMMERSIO Cell-to-Pack Immersion-Cooled Battery
09/05/2023Immersion Cooling, thermal management, EV fluidsSK EnmoveKorea JoongAng DailySK Enmove to address demand for EV fluids, thermal management
09/05/2023Thermal Management, EV BatteryIDTechExIDTechExIDTechEx Track Multiple Routes to EV Battery Improvement
09/19/2023Thermal management, Immersion Cooling, EV, BatteryXiamen LinkPower Tech CoDigital JournalHow Safe Is Any Electric Vehicle From Fire?
09/22/2023Thermal management, Immersion Cooling, EV, BatteryInstitution of Mechanical EngineersInstitution of Mechanical EngineersInternational EV Batteries 2023…Roundtable interview with seven of our conference speakers

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