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Exoes is happy to release its monthly newsletter about immersion cooling in the automotive industry and more. Partnerships, collaborations, research, discoveries, studies, data… From now on, you won’t miss anything of what happened last month:

June 2023

DateCategoryCompany / OrganizationMediaNews
06/05/2023Immersion coolingDigital JournalTremendous Growth Of Immersion Battery Cooling Systems Market (2023-2030)
06/07/2023Thermal managementGAC MotorElectrekChinese unicorn startup says it has created an EV battery that operates normally in winter
06/07/2023Thermal managementBostk, PolytecR&D WorldBostik and Polytec PT launch new TCA range to spur innovation in battery design
06/13/2023Thermal management, AircraftIntergalacticUtah BusinessIntergalactic launches the GS1-EV Eagle5, the first off-the-shelf thermal management system for eVTOL and electric aircraft
06/16/2023ChargingEE TimesAnother EV Power Challenge: Cooling the Charger Cables
06/23/2023Thermal management, HaulingBHPThe DrivenBHP says battery electric cheaper than hydrogen as it dumps diesel for haul trucks
06/27/2023ChargingBoydElectronics360Building the next-generation of EV charging stations
06/29/2023Thermal management, Immersion CoolingElectronics360How thermal materials and foams keep EV batteries cool – and safe

July 2023

DateCategoryCompany / OrganizationMediaNews
01/07/2023Thermal management, Battery, TruckVolvo TruckBattery Design2022 Volvo Truck Battery
01/07/2023Partnership, PowertrainMcLaren, BOLDMcLaren AppliedMcLaren Applied and BOLD announce partnership to develop high-performance electric powertrains
01/07/2023Thermal management, Battery safetyGM, AlgolionTechCrunchGM buys software startup that predicts EV battery fires
03/07/2023Immersion cooling, Dielectric fluidsExoes, Capax InfinityFrontiersAging of a dielectric fluid used for direct contact immersion cooling of batteries
23/07/2023Thermal managementGreen Car ReportsHere’s why EVs don’t lose as much range in hot-weather A/C use
24/07/2023Thermal managementNissanCleaTechnicaHard Driving In Record Heat Shows Nissan Finally Got Battery Cooling Right

August 2023

DateCategoryCompany / OrganizationMediaNews
01/08/2023Thermal managementCastrol, Xing Mobilityelectric & hybirdImproved battery ystem performance (Castrol)
01/08/2023Li-ion Batteries, Thermal managementIDTechEXHomeResearch ReportsLi-ion Batteries and Battery Management Systems for Electric Vehicles 2024-2034
02/08/2023Thermal management, Cooling fluids, Immersion coolingChemoursEnvironment + Energy leaderChemours Develops Sustainable Cooling Fluid for Computing and EV Technology
03/08/2023Transport, HydrogenLNVGHydriogeninsightNo more hydrogen trains | Rail company that launched world’s first H2 line last year opts for all-electric future
17/08/2023Battery, RegulationEuropean CommissionCircular economy: New law on more sustainable, circular and safe batteries enters into force
30/08/2023Thermal management, Immersion coolingXING MobilityDigital JournalXING Mobility Releases Innovative IMMERSIO Cell-to-Pack Immersion-Cooled Battery

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