Publications scientifiques sur le refroidissement des batteries par immersion

2022_IQPC_Final for sharing with EXOESIQPC_2022_Final for sharing with EXOES - Battery Thermal Management: Immersive Cooling and Next Generation Dielectric Fluids

2021_NEV_SHANGHAI_SummitNEV Shanghai Summet - The end of Range_Anxiety thanks to Fast Charging & Immersion Cooling for BEVs - with Lubrizol

2021_IQPC_FUCHSBattery Tech & Management Systems 2021, January 13th 2021 - High performance battery cooling by innovative immersion cooling systems - with FUCHS

2020_TMSS_Thermal_management_System_Symposium__battery_immersion_cooling_ARKEMASAE Thermal management systems digital summit, November 17-18th 2020 - New environmentally friendly fluids for battery cooling - with ARKEMA

2020_SIA_paper et 2020_SIA_slidesSIA Powertrain & Energy, November 2020 - Novel battery thermal management enabling near zero temperature gradient for fast charging while improving safety - with CHEMOURS

2020_GTconferenceGamma technology conference, October 15th 2020 - 3D thermal simulation of a buffer battery for an industrial fuel cell vehicle

2019_NAFEMS_SOLAINAFEMS November 13th 2019 - Numerical simulation of a battery thermal management system under uncertainty for a racing electric car

2019_EVS32_CHEMOURS_paper32nd Electric vehicle Symposium, May 19-22nd 2019 - Assessment of immersion cooling fluids for electric vehicle battery thermal management - with CHEMOURS

2019_BEFBattery Experts Forum, April 10-12th April 2019 - Ultra fast charging thanks to immersive cooling - How to keep batteries cooler with less efforts ?

Publications scientifiques sur la récupération de chaleur à l'échappement par cycles organiques de Rankine

2019_KCORC_paper5th International Seminar on ORC Power systems, September 9-11th 2019 - Pump development for an exhaust heat recovery box on heavy duty trucks

2018_EORCC5th Engine ORC consortium Workshop, September 26th-28th 2018 - Improved scroll expander model for exhaust heat recovery

2018_MMT_TechdaysMMT Techdays, March 28th 2018 - Waste Heat Recovery for Trucks

2017 - EORCCImpact of water and oil contents in ethanol applied to ORC for exhaust heat recovery in heavy duty trucks

2017 - EORCC - FAURECIADetroit (USA) - Rankine Cycle, from Thermodynamic Equation to Road Test. By Thibault Fouquet

2017 - ORCMilano (Italy) - Cost to benefit ratio of an exhaust heat recovery system on a long haul truck